There are many types of gambling, such as horse racing, boat racing, and pachinko, but have you ever noticed you were too hot, you were betting a fair amount of money and then lost… have you?

If you lose your money and want to win more, you will get hot in betting, and you will not be able to see around you and you will not be able to make normal decisions. As a result, you may end up in a situation where you can’t win no matter how many times you are betting large amounts of money.

How do you feel when you hear that gambling is a mental game? You might think, “No way!” Certainly, it is hard to think that the probability of winning will increase, no matter how good your mental state is. However, it is quite possible that you will lose the ability to make normal decisions due to the effects of alcohol and you are absorb in the game. In order to make a calm decision and not lose extra while betting you should know the following.


It is very important to pre-determine your military funding before you play in betting. As there are a variety of games here at UFABET and when they absorb in the gambling, you may not be able to make a normal decision. Therefore, try to set your limit to avoid escalating loss more and more, saying, “If it’s just one more time…” “This is the last time”, “I’ll bet the full amount if I’m here!” There are going to be many cases that you lose a lot of money because of this thinking. In order to avoid this, try to determine the size of your war chest in advance before playing your bets.

It is safe to set the amount of money to “the worst amount you can lose”. Anyway, in gambling, it becomes important to play reasonably because it becomes impossible to make a normal judgment when it becomes emotional.


Do you know the word “loss loss”? Also called loss cut, it is a method of selling loss investment products and fixing the loss amount. This is a method that they use to minimize the loss when the amount of loss spreads even if you wait longer than this. They use it mainly in the investment world, but this idea is also very important when playing gambling. Because, when you lose in gambling, you often get emotional, and then you go deeper into just one more time and increase the amount of loss. Betting has a flow, so it’s difficult to know that there are times when you will continue to win and times when you will continue to lose. However, in order to win, it is important not to get tired of trying to recover the loss, but to pull once.


This is a method of recording the balance. It is a rough estimate of how much you’ve won in a month and the corresponding amount you lost in the same period. If you keep a balance sheet, you can calmly see the current situation, so you can objectively analyze whether you can afford to gamble.


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